Interlude, a plea for help.


Hi friends!

November 17th, in San Francisco CA, there will be held an event called The Night of Writing Dangerously.

I have attended this event three times. This is its 6th year, and I fear I will not be able to go and write with hundreds of NaNo authors from around the globe.

Why can’t you go, you ask? The reason is quite simple. Nobody has sponsored me.

You see, this is a fundraising event for The Office of Letters and Light, a non-profit group who does a lot of good, especially in the Young Writers Program, making sure young, talented writers have every opportunity to shine. You can read more about OLL and YWP by following my link below.

In order to attend this event, I need to raise $250. So far, nobody has sponsored me. Yup, I am a bit sad about it, but I know times are hard. They are super hard for me, I must admit. In the past, family and friends have sponsored my attendance, and there have also been years where I came short, and had to stay home.

So… this is my last ditch effort to get some support. I know it is a lot to ask, but if you can afford even a little, it would mean a lot to me, and also to the kids you will be helping through YWP.

Thank you in advance for your awesome generosity. I would very much like to revisit this incredibly fun night of writing abandon.

Mark’s Donation Page

Hugs and much love,


P.S. Look for CHAPTER TWO very soon.

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One response to “Interlude, a plea for help.

  • markadamthomas

    Sadly, I won’t be going to NoWD. I received a whopping ZERO donations, and simply can’t afford to go without donations. Besides, with my being sick this last week, I would not have been able to afford the loss of writing time during the drive.

    Maybe next year.

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