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This Human’s Heart is a blog series where I share my thoughts and insights which may not reflect on my writing endeavors.

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Everybody has their own truth. Your truth and my truth may be completely different things, diametrically opposed even. Yet still, for each of us, it is the truth. Our truth.

You may think my truth is wrong. It might be, for you, just as your truth might be outside of my belief system, my value system. I may disagree with your political viewpoint or your stance on a particular issue, but that does not make you wrong. Does our differing beliefs make me wrong and you right? Am I an utter fool for thinking the way I do?

According to many, yes. My thoughts on a certain subject, were I to verbalize them, or add them to my FaceBook status (or even LIKE a controversial page or post) might well result in a proverbial tongue-lashing, written or otherwise. I feel that there is a lacking characteristic in folks who cannot fathom a viewpoint other than their own. Perhaps this narrow-minded thinking is lack of compassion, lack of the ability to ‘walk a mile in the other fellow’s moccasins’. I don’t quite know, but ultimately I think it comes down to one thing: RESPECT.

I like to think I can look at any issue from both sides – multiple viewpoints, even. Sure, I have chosen a perspective, or belief, where I might be firmly planted, but that does not mean I can’t see things ‘your’ way. I believe that the world would indeed be a better place if more people stepped away from their soap-box and gave thought to the other side, rather than dismissing them out of hand. Don’t lump all members of a certain party, class, race, orientation, etc, into a judgmental basket.

The thinking, compassionate person would benefit from expanding their world view, looking outside of the comfort of their personal ‘box’ and discover how the other side lives and learns and sees things. It doesn’t take much effort, really.

I don’t usually post or discuss issues in a way where I state that my truth is the only one logically possible, but I see this all the time on my social network feeds. It seems to me that just because one has the opportunity to voice their opinions, this does not mean they HAVE TO, or even SHOULD. On the other hand, without scathing opinions, the world becomes too soft, too tame. I appreciate my friends posts that do not concur with my own truths, for it gives me just that chance to perhaps examine a different side to an issue. My only objection is when folks so adamantly believe and defend their own truths at the expense of all other viewpoints.

The irony of my post here does not elude me. What I am giving you is merely my opinion, my truth. You are free to disagree, ignore, or oppose me on this. But if you are so opined, I ask you to step sideways for a moment, and think how it feels to be open-minded. Think how it feels to be compassionate. Perhaps your life might be a little better for it. The opposite of hate just might be love. Try it. If it doesn’t work for you, if it doesn’t fit with your TRUTH, at least you opened your mind and looked to see how the other person feels.

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