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…And I am alive too.

I’ve had this on my to-do list for quite a few months. I also have it on my New Year’s Resolution list. Hey, it isn’t February yet. This is a good thing. Right?

This post is a general update for those of you who have been wondering what’s been going on.

What happened in 2014:

→ Finished the revision of ACT I of Kestrel Creed and the Febrile Felon, and sent it to my Beta readers (the 5th of January 2015) to critique (lucky them).

→ Participated in Camp NaNo in both April and July, advancing KC:FF by 55,000 words.

→ Participated in NaNoWriMo, taking a break from KC:FF, and completing 52,000 words, revising the first half of my 2005 debut writing project, Return to Turtle Cove.

→ In 2014 I wrote a total of 191,590 words. I was aiming for 240,000 words (twice the 120K I wrote in 2013), but seeing as how September through December of this year were devoted to revision, I don’t count myself as coming up short.

→ I did a refresh of my website and added a new few pages and nifty features. You should check it out.

→ I read a lot: 24 books in all. 10 Novels, 3 short story compilations and 1 solo short story (I plan on reading more short stories this year), and read an additional 10 books on the craft of writing.

→ I made some New Years resolutions (below).

Where I am at now:

I am nearly half through with ACT II part 1 of KC:FF, delayed because of Illness. I am enjoying editing the story, carving out what shouldn’t be there and adding in some of what I missed writing the draft.

I am still seeking a couple of experienced critters to take a look at my Beta of KC:FF. You can put in a request to be placed on my Beta Readers list HERE.

Check me out on Wattpad. Follow me and check out the stories I’ve posted.

I have an author page on G+, and another on Pinterest.

If you wish to get monthly updates, bonus perks and sneak peeks/samples of my upcoming writing, make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

What to expect in the future:

My 2015 Resolutions:


  • Finish KC:FF and submit it for publication.
    • [Revision complete by 2/15/15] pushed back from 1/31 due to illness.
    • [Final Draft by 4/1/15]
  • Become a Beta reader.
  • Read 30+ books this year.
    • I have already read two and am about to finish another.
  • Finish the revision of Return to Turtle Cove by 6/1/15.
  • Complete 1st Draft of No Name Stranger by 10/1/2015.
  • Gut and rewrite Red Brand: Red Bound by 12/31/15.
  • Write one short story every 60 days, and submit them to magazines and anthologies.
  • Continue to faithfully send a meaningful monthly newsletter the first week of each month.
  • Post a meaningful Blog entry 14 days (and I am behind already).
  • Continue to provide quality weekly social media updates.

I am probably insane for pushing myself, but if I want to be considered a professional in my field, I have to act like a professional. The mindset is important, as are having solid goals.

Like my resolution list says… I plan on blogging more. I will share more insights on my writing process and I have some plans for more entries in This Human’s Heart, where I share thoughts about life and other such drivel. I’d love to hear from you. What do you like? What would you like to know?

I realize my following is small, but I plan to grow in 2015. Being active here on my blog and in social media are a few steps I am taking to grow my presence as a writer. So keep an eye out for me. Share my stuff with your friends, and help me let the world know that I exist. Join my mailing list.

Writing is a lonely thing, and it is easy to get lost. I feel isolated because writing demands solitude. I get overwhelmed by the deluge of advice, information (relevant and irrelevant), and competition. All this on top of the insecurities which accompany being an artist.

Creating fiction is my full-time job, which means I have no money for things like editors, cover art, publicists, and marketers. I am it. I love my job as a writer. I enjoy creating cover art for my books (and thankfully I have the software and skill to do it). But all that takes time away from writing novels.

Millions of e-books are flooding the market, and I don’t want to be one among many invisible little authors swept along by the current of slushy, poorly written and mostly anonymous self-published fiction.

For my part, I work hard at my craft. I study authors in my genre and books on writing craft. I seek knowledge from others, learning via blog posts and podcasts. [My favorites of these are Helping Writers Become Authors and Writing Excuses, respectively].

 You can help me too. Please like me on FB and add me to your G+ circles. Follow me on Twitter and check out my brand new Pinterest page. Sponsor me at my website if you can. Tell your friends about me. Help me get the word out, so when I have a polished and finished book (or two) later this year, there will be interest in my work (other than those close to me, who feel the pressure of FOI (Familial Obligation Incentive).

One last thing. In order to supplement my income, I have considered starting a business formatting e-books and print books, as well as creating limited cover art for other authors. I have a domain but have not put time into creating the website yet. I am on facebook: Write Look Books. Like me there, and email me or message me if you know of anyone who might want some relatively inexpensive formatting and cover art. I am just starting out, and my time is limited, but I’d love to work on a couple of projects a month, to bolster my income and pay for my web hosting and the other things involved in maintaining a web presence.

That is all for now. Watch for future blog entries. Make sure you click on the follow button so you don’t miss out.

Thanks for reading,

Mark Adam Thomas


All images and content copyright © 2011-2015 ~ Mark Adam Thomas


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