April 1 Camp NaNoWriMo

APRIL 1 ~ 406 words


Hi friends!

Big Hand

I’m getting into the swing of Camp NaNoWriMo. April will be a great month, and I believe I have finally dredged myself out of my funky gloom. This month, I will be posting here when I can, with updates on my writing progress as well as excerpts from my project: Mojo Hand, and Other Tales.

Below is the synopsis for the project taken from my Novel Info page. Go check it out.



Day 1

Synopsis – April Camp NaNoWriMo

Mojo Hand and Other Tales will be a collection of Flash Fiction and Short Stories, including some stream of consciousness writing and other exploratory writing. I’ll be taking some old ideas I’ve had and finally creating a narrative to go with them. I’ll also be taking world building elements (from several unfinished projects and projects yet to be fleshed out) and having some fun by pitting characters in those settings and seeing how they dealing with the concepts, the dangers, and the worlds themselves… just to see how things flesh out.

The story “Mojo Hand” is something I’ve been mulling over for quite some time, and is linked directly to my Xieland setting, a HUGE world building project of which I’ve barely scratched the surface. This will be a chance to explore and dig into this dark post apocalyptic setting where distorted legends about history and religion of the American South provide the loam from which the culture has grown like kudzu for centuries, shaping the landscape of the survivors and their descendants, seemingly to its own will. Then superimpose a feudal government ruled by mysterious and ancient overlords, powerful supernatural beings who have allowed such misinformation to flourish in order to maintain a stranglehold over the mortals.

In Xieland, traditional music and hymns are an influential part of everyone’s lives, and is the chief means for cultural lore-telling. Books are unimaginably rare treasures, if found to be given to the Overlords with a promise of great reward. Punishment for crimes in Xieland is to become enslaved under the strong will of the Overloads.

I’ll likely post some (or all) of these stories on my WordPress blog. Message me if you want the link.

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