Kestrel Creed Chapter Two

Be sure you start with the Prologue . Thanks

Again, this excerpt is in rough draft form.

I wanted to give an added note of thanks to all my friends in Second Life who have been incredibly supportive of my writing. Thank you for taking an interest. It really boosts my confidence and makes me feel like a real writer, knowing there are folks out there who are actually interested in reading my work. Of course this goes for all my other friends and family outside of SL.

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Despite the gentle movement of the gossamer curtains, and the late afternoon sun, the small room was stuffy and hot. The basin’s water, on the other hand, had cooled from boiling in little time at all, and was now tepid at best. Nika rung the washcloth into it, watching Creed’s blood swirl and turn the water pink. She dabbed it again at his wounds, this time caressing the crusty blood from his split lip. It must hurt like the dickens, but he didn’t flinch or complain. The skin had already begun to purple where he’d been walloped by the table leg.

Creed hadn’t spoken since they’d retreated to her room. He was brooding, and she’d long learned not to interrupt him while he was mulling. Those dark, piercing eyes were intent on some far-away trouble. She dipped the cloth into the water and repeated the process on his jaw now. It was a hard-lined jaw, and quite fetching. The cloth roughed against his afternoon stubble, despite the care she took, but again he seemed not to notice.

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Interlude, a plea for help.


Hi friends!

November 17th, in San Francisco CA, there will be held an event called The Night of Writing Dangerously.

I have attended this event three times. This is its 6th year, and I fear I will not be able to go and write with hundreds of NaNo authors from around the globe.

Why can’t you go, you ask? The reason is quite simple. Nobody has sponsored me.

You see, this is a fundraising event for The Office of Letters and Light, a non-profit group who does a lot of good, especially in the Young Writers Program, making sure young, talented writers have every opportunity to shine. You can read more about OLL and YWP by following my link below.

In order to attend this event, I need to raise $250. So far, nobody has sponsored me. Yup, I am a bit sad about it, but I know times are hard. They are super hard for me, I must admit. In the past, family and friends have sponsored my attendance, and there have also been years where I came short, and had to stay home.

So… this is my last ditch effort to get some support. I know it is a lot to ask, but if you can afford even a little, it would mean a lot to me, and also to the kids you will be helping through YWP.

Thank you in advance for your awesome generosity. I would very much like to revisit this incredibly fun night of writing abandon.

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P.S. Look for CHAPTER TWO very soon.

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Kestrel Creed Chapter One

Updated Note: Be sure you read the Prologue first. Thanks

Again, this excerpt is in rough draft form.

A note on the language of this story. Two issues present themselves for me when writing this story. First, and the most obvious, are the racial references in this chapter (and future chapters as well). The story takes place in 1934. The 1930’s were a turbulent time for race relations in America, and as an author, I have a duty to keep the characters words and phrases honest. In many instances, it would be unacceptable for a contemporary character to use such language.

Secondly, our hero Kestrel Creed is a white Australian. He would logically call his aboriginal mentor ‘blackfella’, which at the time was not a derogatory comment.

In the same vein, I myself am neither of the 30’s, nor Australian. In this first draft, I am approximating what I think the characters might say, but I am unfamiliar with the idioms and the slang of the time. You may notice blatant inaccuracies, and in part this is on purpose. I am attempting to write at breakneck speeds for NaNoWriMo, and to stop with each sentence and research the proper terms would kill my pacing. Therefore, I speed through the work, and will focus on the language in later drafts.

Just wanted you to know.

Thanks again for your interest in my Kestrel Creed novel, and feel free to leave a comment.


Creed sailed through the air. He landed hard on the table. It collapsed under his weight, sending shot glasses, cards and chips flying in all directions.

Goodness but this negro brute Kule, was strong. Creed was no small man, and sturdily framed. The hulking savage-browed man had lifted him like a rag-doll, and flung him two yards or more across the taproom of Reingold’s First and Last Chance Saloon. Nika swallowed down her heart again. This time, the brawl was her fault.

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Kestrel Creed Prologue

KC Title2



Water sloshed out of the buckets as Albert Towler plopped them down. “Drat,” he cursed. “Haste makes waste, ya lug.” Still, he managed to hold tight to the yoke handle. He had just a few more paces yet to go. Up the steps and into the house. “Paps maight have built the house a lil’ closer to the creek,” he complained aloud.

The brown, weedy ground greedily drank the spilt water. Thankfully no more than a few cupfuls had been lost, but after only a moment, the earth didn’t so much as show the dark stain of water. It had already returned to the worrying, milky-brown that had of late parched the surrounding countryside, and the farm along with it. If the winter had been this droughty, God only knew how the imminent dry spring would treat the land.

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Testing the Waters

Hey everyone.

I am setting up my new WordPress blog. This is a test entry.

My intention for this blog is two-fold:

First, I will be sharing my thoughts on the writing process. These might be regarding my own personal encounters, how I am feeling about my writing, my struggles and conquests, and the like. I may also share other writer’s thoughts and blogs.

Second, it is my intent to provide readers with samples of my writing, be it snippets of prose (or the occasional poetry), or chapters from my stories.

That being said, with NaNoWriMo swiftly approaching, it is my intent to post my raw, unedited chapters here in my blog. I felt it fitting as my story is a pulp horror tale, which may prove effective being presented in such a serialized format.

I certainly welcome all feedback (as long as it is constructive, or at least not flaming).

If you find my stories entertaining, amusing, or noteworthy, by all means please share my blog with your friends and circles.

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