Monthly Archives: February 2014

Moving Forward

Hi Friends.

It is February. Yay.Mark1

January was a lost month, for writing. But I am not too down on myself for it. I was sick for the first two weeks. I still have the dregs of the cough. Additionally, I spent some time focussing on my health issues. I saw my doctor, and he gave me some new meds, including insulin (thanks for the samples!), and it took a bit for my body to adjust to them. I have been sleeping quite a bit, which is not usual for me. Once, I slept for 29 hours, mostly continuous. I am certain my body needed it, and still does. But, with me sleeping more than my usual 4-6 hours at a time, it has impacted the rest of my life. For January, I decided to let my writing take back seat to everything else.

It isn’t January anymore.

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