Monthly Archives: March 2017

Who Am I


“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”
              – William Shakespeare

I ran across this blog post of mine from a defunct blog, written in January of 2013. Although more than four years have passed, the post is still valid. Some points of it were sad then, and are sad still. I was in a relationship then, and that is the major element of change in my life. I miss the relationship, though I no longer miss the individual. I also miss a certain autonomy. I am in some ways more independent now, since I am not in a day-to-day live-in relationship with a partner. Perhaps less so because I now live back in my childhood home with my father.

My health is worse by far. I am in much more pain, and my sleep has become even worse. My focus and concentration are poor, and like then, I am not writing much these days. As far as appealing the judgment on Disability, I was decline and have not yet reapplied. I now have documented medical records of my situation now that I didn’t have back then, including physical and mental issues (such as PTSD and depression). Now all I need to do is overcome my fear of reapplying and the feelings of shame that the last round gave me.

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