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Camp was fun

APRIL 29 ~ 18046 words


Hi friends!

Big Hand

So I got sidetracked this month. I was going to do a whole series of short stories based on the theme of Mojo Hand, Conjure Magic, Root Doctors and the like. I still want to write that. But unfortunately, I got sidetracked on a few other projects, such as starting two new blogs, one on Tumblr and one on WordPress.  Both are called World Wrighter, but they are now separate.

The World Wrighter Tumblr blog was going to be for writing and graphic art projects, but I decided to dedicate that one specifically to art and webcomic stuff.

I created another one just for my daily writing on WP, and so far I have been quite productive. I call it my World Wrighter Not-So-Daily-Writing blog. Sure, I’d love to write a story a day, but I know that is an unrealistic goal. But I am doing pretty well there. I am taking word prompts and creating an impromptu story that is influenced by the word or phrase. It is kinda fun, if I do say so myself. I am learning to write shorter, and I think my stories are rather cohesive for being written without much preparation. Check them out and let me know what you think. Follow WorldWrighterBlog if you want the latest updates. Leave comments. Writers love comments. It makes us feel like we are not writing in a void.

Thanks for reading!


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New Blog


I have a new blog over at Tumblr: #WorldWrighter. I’m not quite sure I need more than one blog, but I think there are things I’d like to share over there which are different than those over here. This one is centered around my novel writing and my writing life, and the Tumblr will focus on other writing, such as a webcomic I am working on, and also some daily writing prompts that I’d like to try (daily as in to fill in when I don’t have anything else to on my mind. Check it out. I’ve already posted a really stupid comic strip, and some notes on my webcomic plans.

Psst… My Weird West Fantasy Novel Red Rain is the project I’ve chosen for my first major webcomic. I’ve not yet decided if I will follow the story as I have it outlined, or change it up a bit (or perhaps keep the characters and write a new plot). I won’t be able to start on the artwork for it until I have saved up enough money for a new tablet and the cool graphics app that the pros use. Otherwise, I will be doing it by hand, the way I learned to do oh… twenty-five or more years ago. There are more details over there, click here and go there!

Thanks a ton for your interest. I hope to be doing much more in the upcoming months.


April 1 Camp NaNoWriMo

APRIL 1 ~ 406 words


Hi friends!

Big Hand

I’m getting into the swing of Camp NaNoWriMo. April will be a great month, and I believe I have finally dredged myself out of my funky gloom. This month, I will be posting here when I can, with updates on my writing progress as well as excerpts from my project: Mojo Hand, and Other Tales.

Below is the synopsis for the project taken from my Novel Info page. Go check it out.



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