Writing is in my soul. Dreams form and find their way into my consciousness.  Imagination envelops my senses, and to that call, I answer. I am often slow to let fly my pen, for I huddle under a shroud of fear like a man with a borrowed and ill-fitting coat to fend off a winter chill. Still, my will overcomes.

I hear their cries, those characters who were born of my imagination; they now call out to be free. Their stories cry to be told.  So, as the icon above states, WRITE HARD, DIE FREE. Let loose the sovereign imagination, which knows well what is best for those whose stories deserve telling, and also for the soul whose hand shall do the deed of it, thus securing freedom for both!

HatMarkMark Adam Thomas holds a degree in Theatre Arts from California State University, Sacramento. He is a self-educated writer who enjoys many genres, primarily speculative fiction. His stories include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk/Weird Westerns, and Historic (Pulp) Adventure/Horror.

Also a graphic artist, Mark enjoys creating cover art for his novels, although were he ever to become published, he’d gladly rely on the expertise of professional artists to make his work stand out.

To date, he has written over 500,000 words of fiction. Most of his stories are unfinished, and he is to date unpublished. It has been quoted (by Dean Koontz I believe) that “The first half-million words are just practice.” Mark intends to continue his practice of writing by finally completing one story (the Kestrel Creed novel) by the end of this year, with a further ambitious goal of finishing two others by the end of 2018.

All images and content copyright © 2011-2017 ~ Mark Adam Thomas


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